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Submissions closed on Thu 26 November

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Help Mountain Biking be considered in this Local Strategy. Mountain Biking has been determined as 'out of scope'. Have Your Say.

The Hornsby Shire Council's 'Draft Walking & Cycling Strategy' is currently available on their website ready for your review and response (Direct link to: Draft-Walking-and-Cycling-Strategy & click here to fill in the Strategy Response Form).

Or, send your submission to:

The General Manager

Email –

Please mark your submission "Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy"

The deadline to submit feedback is Thursday 26 November 2020.

Mountain Biking has been determined as 'out of scope' for this strategy. If you agree that the Council should reconsider the exclusion of Mountain Biking from its plans within this strategy, I encourage you to Have Your Say, to tell the Council why Mountain Biking trails should be an integral part of this strategy. You can include mention of topics like:

1. The mental and physical health benefits for all participants

2. Economic benefits for local industry

3. Employment benefits

4. Environmental benefits

Here are some points which may assist your submission...

Strategy Section References:

2.1.6 NSW Bike Plan 2010 - MTB does increase visitations to local and district areas (pg 14)

2.1.16 The Green Grid - MTB is a key stakeholder concerning this section (pg 16)

2.2.1 Vision Statement - MTB should be included within the definition of “cycling” within this Strategy (pg 18)

Implementation Plan: Action Item #7, Priority: Medium - MTB events can certainly increase opportunities to attract additional cycling events in the shire and encourage increased local participation (pg 75) - Also see Case Study links, of success and economic benefits seen overseas

Strategy Objective (pg 4) Note: The below outlines the objectives of the Strategy by the Council before the document gets underway:


The main objective of this Strategy is to provide a framework for Council to increase participation of walking and cycling, prioritise its delivery and to improve the supporting infrastructure and resourcing for these activities in the Local Government Area (LGA) over the next ten years. It covers the urbanised areas for walking and cycling with bushwalking extending into the rural areas. It does not include an assessment of paved paths in the rural areas or mountain biking.”

Whilst the 'Nature-based Recreation Strategy' is partially relevant to Mountain Biking regarding 'Parks' e.g. bike park / skate park / bmx track formats; the 'Walking and Cycling Strategy' is also relevant to Mountain Biking regarding connecting bike parks and trails to hubs safely and sustainably, specifically for cross-country and enduro Mountain Biking (e.g. OMV to H2O link), where it is as much about the journey as it is about a destination because Mountain Bike riders enjoy riding distances and across a variety of terrain. This strategy includes linkages, networking a variety of hubs for recreational uses, which align with mountain biking activities and progress.

The list of Principles outlined in the 'Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy' on pages 4 & 5 which align with Mountain Biking, as follows:


✅ Provide continuous safe walking and cycling paths across Hornsby Shire

✅ Link important origins and destinations with cycling and walking infrastructure

Incorporate cycling and walking infrastructure in road design


Create new opportunities by considering the needs of pedestrians and cyclists


✅ Attract new people to take up cycling and walking as a mode of transport

Encourage more frequent and longer distances of travel by cycling and walking

Promote and provide education on the benefits and convenience of cycling and walking


✅ Enhance walking and cycling with adequate way finding signs, shade areas, access to water and seating

Improve facilities at transport nodes and end of trip locations such as workplaces, schools, key recreational destinations and shopping areas

The strategy aims to improve access to:

Town Centre and Industrial areas

Community and sports facilities

Parks and bushland areas

Key visitor/tourist destinations

Educational institutions

Public transport facilities

MTB is a segment of Cycling and as bushwalking tracks are being considered in the 'Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy' there is benefit in taking an early, detailed and holistic look at how the network could work for all stakeholders.

Have your say and let's make sure the mountain biking community and trails are considered as relevant in this strategy.

The deadline for submission is 26.11.2020

Please share this with all your riding buddies and we can make a positive impact on the sustainable future of our community and trail network at the consultation & planning stages.

Provide your feedback to the Council on the 'Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy' by close of business on Thursday, 26 November 2020. Draft-Walking-and-Cycling-Strategy

Please be polite and extremely constructive in your commentary Strategy Response Form

Mountain Biking should be considered within this Strategy over the 'Nature-based Recreation Strategy' (although also relevant) because Mountain Bike riders enjoy riding distances and across a variety of terrain and this strategy includes linkages, networking a variety of hubs which aligns with mountain biking activities and progress. We have seen examples of the attraction it can bring regions, such as: Australia - Derby, Thredbo, Dungong, Garigal / Belrose - Northern Beaches; as well as overseas including NZ, Canada and USA - here is a case study about the economic benefit that the Bentonville Bike Park and the Walton Foundation have produced in North West Arkansas:

Here also is a Youtube link to Seth’s Bike Hacks channel where he did a piece on the Bentonvile Bike Park, a great watch and prime example of the success of a bike park:

Thanks everyone and let’s continue to work together for a better riding experience in our region.

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