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SNORC MTB Club Updates

SNORC + DHaRCO = Club Jerseys!!

SNORC MTB Club’s successful application for a NSW Local Sports Grant from the Office of Sport means SNORC MTB Club Jerseys will be made!

As such we are excited to announce SNORC and DHaRCO MTB Clothing will be teaming up for this project to make SNORC branded design, DHaRCO jerseys.

WATCH THIS SPACE for more updates including:

~ Designs

~ When & How to Order

~ Timeframes

~ Discounts, and

~ Inclusions

SNORC acknowledges and thanks Matt Kean MP and the Office of Sport for providing this, for Club to Improve Community Presence.


OMV (aka Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail) Maintenance

SNORC is in regular contact with Hornsby Council regarding any needs, hazards or areas that require attention at OMV.

A contractor of Hornsby Council will be at OMV to undertake earthworks as a part of the DA. It has also been good to see Synergy Trails in there recently doing work with FRP and retreading all the bridge-work across the park.

Maintenance Day Saturday 26th June 2021

The next Club Volunteer Trail Maintenance Day is being held on Saturday 26th June from 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

Please feel free to come along at any stage during the afternoon.

Reminder to: wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and sanitise your hands before and after handling any shared equipment.

SNORC MTB Club is a registered COVID safe organisation.

Going forward, SNORC Maintenance Days will be held on the last Saturday afternoon of each month from 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

SNORC Maintenance Days are Proudly Sponsored by:



The date for the 2021 SNORC Annual General Meeting will be announced soon for the expected timeframe of during August 2021.

Members will receive a notification email with the details of the meeting, meeting pre-reading and an Agenda.


Lobbying & Advocacy throughout 2021

In recent months there has been significantly higher than usual engagement with Local Council Officers, Councillors, State Government and various community groups and individuals regarding MTB and its future.

This has involved frequent participation in: Council planning meetings; online social media forums - in support of MTB, as well as forums, and community pages hostile and opposed to MTB and seeking to influence more individuals to pursue to stop MTB activities from being considered or supported, effectively to shut it down; sharing information affecting mountain biking and the industry, both positively and negatively, to the MTB community including Members, Subscribers and Followers; delivering feedback to and consulting with Council Members and Local Councillors; and attendance at local community engagements requiring representation on behalf of the MTB community.


SNORC Events

With the ongoing success of the SNORC 'OMV MegaShred' two years in a row, the next SNORC Event 'OMV Festival' is currently being planned for October.

'OMV Festival' will be a new event to the SNORC Annual Events Calendar to involve:

  • A Club Race

  • An Expo of MTB Industry Businesses

  • And more!

More information about the OMV Festival will be provided in the near future.

To review the 2021 OMV MegaShred, you can view the video on YouTube.

Thank You again to our 2021 OMV MegaShred Sponsors who made this fun, free event possible:


Thank You

A huge Thank You to our Members, Volunteers and Sponsors!!

Without YOU, there wouldn't be SNORC. Thank You for supporting SNORC MTB Club, we are truly grateful for your engagement, advocacy and involvement!

View the Club Partners.

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